Is Password! your password? - Why you need a Password Manager and How to Get Started

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Let’s be honest, how safe do you think your passwords are? 

If you had to stop to think about it, you need help.

It took me a long time and a lot of convincing to take password security more seriously. It wasn’t until I got an email from Twitter a couple of years ago saying they experienced a data breach and my personal information had been compromised that I started to be more careful. 

I realized the good ol' password that I used and reused would not cut it anymore.

Passwords are the gatekeepers that protect our accounts and personal information. This is not an easy job. 

So, if you are still doing any of the below “strategies” for password management you need Is Password! Your Password?

  • Writing passwords down on paper
  • Using nicknames and birthdays as passwords
  • Having one password for everything

Is Password! Your Password? covers the vital topic of protecting your personal information in the hyper-connected digital world in which we live. Topics also covered include risks, data breaches, and what you can do to protect yourself. I will also introduce you to my recommended password management apps and will help to get you started using one.

Within the pages of Is Password! Your Password? my main goal is to help you understand how valuable your personal information is and how critically important it is to employ tools to keep that information safe.

What will you learn from this book?

  • How vital strong passwords are to securing your personal information
  • Using and reusing your go-to password won’t cut it anymore
  • You need a password manager
  • How to get started using a password manager  - I explain how to start using 1Password
  • How seamless managing your personal information becomes once you get the hang of using a password manager

Take a look at an infographic from the book:

Important note: the guide portion of the book teaches you how to use 1Password. Also, I’m a Mac user, so I will show you how to do things on your Mac/iPhone.

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Is Password! your password? - Why you need a Password Manager and How to Get Started

2 ratings
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