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Bullish Stock Market Newsletter - Lifetime Subscription

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Do you like investing? Do you visit multiple websites to find essential stock market information daily?

Our newsletter will save you time! We deliver critical & digestible market data to your inbox twice a day. This way, you don't need to look for info; you consume it.

Bullish is a minimalistic stock market newsletter delivered to your inbox twice a day during the week. Our emails show how the market is moving and give you insights into trending stocks, sectors, and crypto to help your investments. All numbers, super straight to the point.

What are you getting?

We'll send you an early morning email before the markets open, highlighting the following info:


Always a good indicator of how the market might perform during the day.



Trending pre-market stocks

In the afternoon, we'll send you a summary of the day indicating how the three major indexes S&P500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones, performed in percentage points together with top gainers and losers.

Each weekday we rotate a selection of different data points and stats, including:

  • US pre-market futures

  • S&P 500 performance

  • Nasdaq performance

  • Dow Jones performance

  • Bitcoin performance

  • Trending stocks

  •  Sector performance

  •  Russell 2k

  •  10-Yr Treasury

  •  Top gainers and losers

  •  Crypto

  •  All-time high data

  •  Gold

  •  Year to date stats

Why buy it?

  • Save time

  • Get critical & digestible market data

  • Get updated twice a day

  • No more looking for info

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Our Premium Subscription is $4.99/mo, so this lifetime deal is the best option to get our Premium content.

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Save time! Don't look for info; let it come to you and make better investment decisions. Use your time to grow your portfolio and make $$$.

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Bullish Stock Market Newsletter - Lifetime Subscription

2 ratings
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